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Wednesday, 05 July 2006



2006: 'If only Ronaldo hadnt cheated we would have won the World Cup'

2004: 'If only rooney had stayed on we would have been Euro champions'

2002: 'If only it hadnt been so hot in Shizuoka we would have won the World Cup'

2000: 'If only Phil Neville hadnt been a donkey we would have been Euro Champions'

1998: 'If only Beckham hadnt got sent off we would have won the World Cup'

1996: 'If only Moller hadnt have cheated we would have been euro champions'

1994: 'If only we had qualified we would have won the world Cup'

Do you detect a pattern?

Pathetic! Ridiculous! very small time. No other country whines and whinges like we do.

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