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Monday, 10 July 2006


Eric Tate

Marseilles kiss? Or as the French call it, 'le bisou de Zizou'?

Good for Zidane, I say. Just as the world gets ready to put him on a pedestal, he steps off it.


A pedant writes: "Technically, it was a chestbutt, not a headbutt. The 'head' in headbutt refers to the target of the assault, not the part of the body used to commit it, since any attack with the head is a 'butt' by definition". So there.


I thought the head-butt was the most interesting thing of that match. It livened up extra time thats for sure.

Its a shame though that one of the best players of his generation will be forever remembered for that act, and not the amazing goals he scored and how skillful he was e.g in the Brazil game.

I wonder what Materazzi said to him???


If the newspaper reports are to be believed, fair play to ZZ - he stood up for his ma.

There isn't enough of that sort of thing these days.

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