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Thursday, 24 August 2006


IN Hsieh

Hi, is it possible to have published here the url where Xu Jinglei's blog is number one please?

I just checked Technorati's top blogs page and she's third, way behind the first, a japanese blog. This is the most linked to blogs, I just could't find the most visited at Technorati.

Thx a lot!


xu, my super star


I'm a Chinese girl. I usually read some articls on Xu's blog. And I really like it. Today I saw an articl relating to this bit, so I come here. And I have read the above articl.I am proud of being a fan of Xu. I am proud of being a Chinese.

Fangming Guo

I like Xu's blog,she is a great blogger,and she changeed and is changing the way of most of our daily life.


Xu Jinglei is really a super star in China. we all love her...


I like this girl very much!Because the way shows herself is unique.


"There are some things you have to go through, when you know you shouldn't take the easy route or give up, and the most difficult thing is to get over yourself and change the way you think, and overcome the weaknesses of your personality. "----exactly right. we gotta do things in this way ,especially in china ,so as to get adapted to the society.otherwise u'll be nothing or just a lost cause no matter how talented u are.


Xu Jinglei is a versatile star.
she has many fans including me.


I like her ..

I'm her fans.....



Best wishes to Xu,Best wishes to my blog,which with little backer *_*


Read her blog just like sharing with your friends
It has become a habit of my life .
I will support her forever and love her forever!


One commenter kept posting about his joy at sitting upon the first [sofa] he has ever owned. And that he hadn't even had wooden benches in his previous home.

It's funny. please see: [David评论]老外眼中的“沙发”与“板凳”


A great live interview you did!

Don't tell Xu I'm here say howdy to her :), seriously.


"One commenter kept posting about his joy at sitting upon the first sofa he has ever owned. And that he hadn't even had wooden benches in his previous home.:
Sofa in the comments means the first commenter in Chinese web language.Ithink you make a misunderstanding of the comments in Xu's blog. Reference to:


Oh,i like her.and also her name-Old xu.
She is Super star in my eyes......we all like her blogs.


I think the author should have a good check on what "shafa" and "bandeng"mean. Fans use "shafa" to show he is the first one coming to her blog(the best treatment), and "bandeng" the second. These are popular words in these occasion.



I like her,I'm chinese boy!

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