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Thursday, 07 September 2006


Paranoid Freud

How do we know this is rubbish? Easy - the Steorn guys are still alive. The CIA would have wiped them out long ago if they had a real free energy source.


My vibes are good on this, as I’ve done a little private research and as I’m from Dublin I know the institute with which they’re associated, DIT -used to photocopy science journal articels there as a student. Steorn awards prizes to DIT students and has won some court cases with forensic evidence in their hi-tec style. So the more I seek, the clearer it becomes that their story rings true - they are the engineer next door who found what they thought unblievable, spent 6 months as utter skeptics until all tests indicated it was for real. They then kept it under wraps for another 2 or 3 years before going public. So it could be for real - after all, there are invisble enrgies such as dark energy and dark matter and the quantum vacuum. THe Casimir effect was the first crack in the idea that hte classical vacuum could have no effect on the ‘macro-worls’. So, maybe these guys have done it. Other free energy people are panicking and accelerating their products - will we really have over-unity skateboads in November??? Check this out:

James Daniels

I see a lot of the perpetual motion machines as complicated non applicable B.S. recently I have seen a simple realistic axle design that looks like it will work and have many applications. You tell me

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