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Thursday, 05 October 2006


Jack Maclean

If I have got the substance of the story right it appears that at an airport in Turkey,a man mouthing threats of people being "killed" broke through airport security, and with bags in hand ran towards a flight bound for London (or other european capital).
As the security staff scrambled after him our reporter pleaded to them to spare the stranger's life.
The man was caught and apparantly not taken into formal custody by the Turkish authorities.
Our reporter mused that if such an incident had taken place in New York airport not only would the man have been summarily detained, but he could also have been shot.

Perhaps the purpose of the story is to point out that over zealous security measures can imperil the lives of the lone innocent,and that the described Turkish standards of airline passenger protection ought to be implemented at not New York but also London, Madrid, Mumbai and others, around the world.

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