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Sunday, 01 October 2006



"complaint with all the latest fashions in internet design"

Errr no it's not - it doesn't even have an RSS feed (yet?), and the comments are a complete mess - censored (with no moderation policy) and not linked to individual posts. Even Boris ( has managed the comments linked to posts concept - its not as if Cameron's got to do anything novel or as if he's breaking new ground.

If he was really going to join the YouTube generation he'd have released his videos into the public domain - or under an open licence letting other sites and bloggers confidently repost and discuss his ramblings.

"They aren't, perhaps, the ideal forum for exploring the minutiae of fiscal policy."
No, a video Blog isn't, but the web tools to use are out there to involve everyone in Cameron's revoloution - if he was serious about using them.

"dishwashing sort of chap. "
Did we see him actually wash any dishes?

Ben King

RSS isn't a fashion, it's an essential. So it's interesting that it's not there...

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